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CaptchaGen - Captcha Generator

We wrote this Captcha Generator script as we could not find a solid Captcha script written in perl which we could easily incorporate into our various sites that already have perl scripts that need some sort of anti spam mechanism. We accept that the requirement of ImageMagick and the relevant perl modules will put some off but in our opinion this makes for a better, more secure, Captcha image.

A Captcha (Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart) is aimed to stop bots from accessing areas of a web site that are meant for humans only, an example could be a spambot that posts spam as a comment to a blog entry.

With our CaptchaGen (Captcha Generator) script you can add this function to any area of your site with very little work if you have some perl experience. The actual script that does the work is more like a module in that your own scripts just 'require' it apart from setting half a dozen variables at the begining of the script. Take a look at Captcha Generator Methods for an brief idea of how the script can be used.

There are a number of Captcha's that exist but have been decoded for various reasons, and although we can't guarentee that Captcha Images generated by our CaptchaGen will not be, we have tried to make it as hard as we can by adding enough variables to produce a wide range of images and decide how hard the captcha image will be to decode, you can see some Captcha examples generated by the CaptchaGen script.

We have also included the facility to playback an audio file, for this to work you must have Flite installed on your server.

Captcha Generated Image

CaptchaGen features

see some Captcha examples generated by CaptchaGen.